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Tutorial about UIGestureRecognize. Also contains an example of using Fastlane to build and run tests, create coverage reports in a cobertura style and upload those to Codacy.
Swift 1 2
After an iOS build has completed parse the log file and provide any other helpful logging information.
Swift 0 0
A tool written in Swift for macOS to take in two code coverage xml reports and create an html file of the difference.
HTML 0 0
Katas Done in Swift
Swift 0 0
Provides storage and incrementing for correct and incorrect answers. Every time you answer a question correctly the next time you will see it will be farther in the future.
Swift 1 0
A simple app to help learn Xcode shortcuts.
Swift 0 0
Trying to replicate the RunKeeper medal case.
Swift 0 0
Write the Swift code to look like: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/speedtest-animation
Swift 0 0
A simple example of a package in SPM
Swift 0 0
Clickable multiple pie charts.
Swift 0 0
Provides a daily reminder backed by spaced repetition
Swift 0 0
Harking back to the old days when SDK's would provide you with a preview app of what the SDK can do. This is an implementation is Swift for UI animations.
Swift 0 0
Simple App to add race dates and use local notifications to remind you periodically before the day of the race.
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